Frequently Asked Questions about Montana Concealed Carry Permits

Below are answers to the most common questions we get about obtaining a Montana Concealed Carry Permit (CCW). If you have questions that are not addressed below please call or email us.

Do I have to be a Montana resident to Apply?


Do I Have to Be a US Citizen to Apply?

Yes you do.

How Old Do I Have to be to Apply?

21 years of age or older.

What is the Application Fee for the Montana permit?



What is the Renewal Fee?

The renewal for the permit is $75. ($31 renewal fee and $44 for background check)

How Often Do I Have to Renew or Get More Training?

The permit is good for four years. The state requires you take a refresher course at the midway point, between 6 months before your two year mark, and 6 months after your two year mark. When its time for the four year renewal you must take a renewal course as well.

During the Montana CCW Class Do I Have to Shoot a Gun?


What is the complete process to obtain the permit?

Here you can read our guide: Process overview for obtaining a Montana Concealed Carry Permit %%

Do Permit Holders Have to Notify Law Enforcement When Confronted?

No, permit holders are under no legal obligation to notify law enforcement that they have a permit or a firearm.

How Long is the Montana Concealed Carry Class?

The state requires the class be a minimum of 15 hours and that is how long our classes run.

With a Permit Can I Carry Any Gun I Want?

No, you can only carry one gun and it must be one of the firearms with which you qualified and is listed on your permit.

With A Montana Permit In What Other States Can I Carry Concealed

Visit the home page of this website for an updated map that reflects the states that will honor your permit.

Can I Carry into an Establishment that Serves Alcohol With a MT Permit?

Yes, but only into a restaurant licensed to sell beer and wine only. Any hard liquor serving establishments, including places like Chilis and Alplebees, are off limits. Further, stores that sell hard liquor for off premise consumption are also ok (like grocery stores).

What is Your Refund Policy? What If I Can’t Attend the Class I Signed Up For?

We will refund students when unable to attend a class they have prepaid for. We ask for prepayment only to have a reliable count of how many students are coming. This has become necessary because we fill most of our classes to capacity. Our full refund policy can be see here.

Do I have to shoot a firearm for this class?

Yes, the live fire of a firearm is required to apply for this permit.

What forms of payment will accept for the course?

Cash, check, or credit card (Visa, or MasterCard). We prefer if you prepay online but should you feel uncomfortable you can call us to make other arrangements. (Phone number above)